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 Water Element Chakra Nature

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Water Element Chakra Nature

Basic level (1000 kin)

Water Blast (250 chakra) 400 Damage.
Summon water (200 life) All Water spells do 100 more damage and take 50 less chakra
Sink (100 life/100 chakra) Regenerates your health 100/ turn for 3 turns
Conjure lesser Spirit (200 chakra) Stops any negative effect, and does 50 damage to enemy for 4 turns after which spirit dies.
Water Spikes (100 chakra) 100 Damage, stops enemy for 1 turn.

Advanced level (2000 kin)

Summon Spirit of Blood (400 chakra) Deals 100 damage to enemy per 6 turns after which it dies
Summon Spirit of Shelter (400 chakra) Reduces damage to you and your allies for 4 turns by 100
Summon Naga (600 chakra) 400 life, 250 Damage
Water Atunement (req: sword) Gives 1 more free atunement to your sword.
Spill water. (requires summon water) All Lightning skills (like chidori) do 1.5X damage.

Mastery Level (5000 kin)

All Suiton Scroll Skills
Chidori Preparation (100 chakra) Makes Chidori Unavoidable
Rasengan Preparations (100 chakra) Makes Rasengan Unblockable, and it stops enemy for 1 tun
Water Secrets (200 chakra) all water skills do 200 more damage and 100 less chakra
Hidden Mist Secret (50 chakra) stops all enemies for 3 turns, While this is in effect you can only do taijitsu
Mind Freeze (400 chakra) Unavoidable by anything. Enemy can only do 1 skill per turn for 4 turns, during this time you canít use any capture/confuse etc techniques. Effect can be removed by a fire type jutsu.
Tides of Blood (600 chakra) 700 damage. If last skill enemy did to you was taijitsu you do extra 400 damage, and gains text unavoidable.
Ruby of Arana (1500 kin, 200 posts in Ruby of arena creation topic) You can sell this for any price you want. Provides 100 chakra bonus or Grants 1 spell from Water Chakra Nature assortment.(not Godly level). (you can have only 4 in your inventory at same time)
*Crystal Armor (requires 4 Rubys) 400 chakra bonus, Your Armor canít be broken.
*Crystal Sword (req: 4 rubys) 200 Damage bonus. Sword canít be broken.
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Water Element Chakra Nature
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