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 Ice Element Manip. (Must Have Water and Wind)

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PostSubject: Ice Element Manip. (Must Have Water and Wind)   Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:17 pm

Basic level (1000 kin)

Ice Blast (300 chakra) 500 Damage.
Summon Bilzzard (200 life) All ice spells do 100 more damage and take 50 less chakra.
Igglo (100 life/100 chakra) Regenerates your health 100/ turn for 3 turns
Ice Spikes (100 chakra) 100 Damage, stops enemy for 1 turn.
Cold Chill (200 chakra) 250 Damage mulithit

Advanced Skills (2000 kin)

Summon Ice Demon (600 chakra) 600 life, 50 extra damage per turn.
Cold Slice (200 chakra) 400 chakra, Unavoidable if last skill enemy did on you was taijutsu.
Ice Armor(200 Chakra) All attacks do half the damage but fire.

Mastery Level (5000 kin)

Artic Secrets (200 chakra) all water skills do 200 more damage and 100 less chakra
Mind Freeze (400 chakra) Unavoidable by anything. Enemy can only do 1 skill per turn for 4 turns and you can do 3 for 4 turns, during this time you canít use any capture/confuse etc techniques. Effect can be removed by a fire type jutsu.
Artic Saber(100 Chakra)-Blades get a +100 damage and if Ice armor is active +200 and all moves have interupe

*Crystal Armor (requires 4 Rubys) 400 chakra bonus, Your Armor canít be broken.
*Crystal Sword (req: 4 rubys) 200 Damage bonus. Sword canít be broken.

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Ice Element Manip. (Must Have Water and Wind)
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