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 Earth Chakra Manipulation

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Earth Chakra Manipulation

Basic (1000 kin)

Summon Earth Barrier (300 chakra), all Earth Skills become Uninteruptable.
Earth Arm (100 chakra) Double damage for your next taijutsu
Earth Stance (200 chakra) blocks all taijutsu. Even unavoidable/unblockable, anything.
Stone Daggers (200 chakra) All of your Firing weapons do 2X damage, become undodgeble by clone
Poison Arrow (100 chakra) Poisons Enemy for 8 turns. 50 damage per turn.

Advanced (2000 kin)

Summon Dog (50 chakra) all skills do 100 aditional damage.
Summon Pack of Nin-Dogs (400 chakra) Captures enemy for 1 turn(unavoidable). Your Next Chidori does 1.5X more damage. After you use this move you canít use any capturing skills for rest of battle.
Summon Stone Kirin (700 chakra) 200 life, heals you and teammate for 150 hp per turn until it dies
Earth Atunement (req sword) Adds earth attribute to your sword.
Earth Armor (200 chakra) Your armor doesnít break against Armor Breaking spells for 2 turns.
Poison Spear (200 chakra) Enemy is poisoned for 8 turns, 100 damage per turn

Mastery (5000 kin)

All Doton Scroll Skills.
Great Earth Explosion (500 chakra) Next Taijitsu does 4X damage and becomes unavoidable (once per battle)
Poison Trap (300 chakra) Enemy is poisoned for 10 turns, 150 poison damage per turn and 100 bleeding damage per turn. Can only be used after you lost Ĺ of your chakra.
Earth Spikes (100 life) 500 damage.
Clone rasengan (400 life) your next rasengan becomes unblockable and it does 2X damage.
Shockwave (300 chakra) If Last enemy skill was taijitsu, the damage done to you reflected 2X times at them
StoneThrow (300 chakra) If enemy is poisoned or in some sort of degeneration they are stuned for 1 turn (unavoidable)
Meteor Strike (requires Earth armor on) Breaks earth armor but destroys Enemies Sword and armor. 400 self Damage.
Meteor Shower (700 chakra) 400 damage to all enemies for 3 turns. Can only be used once canít be avoided with clone.
Emerald Of Earth (3000 kin, 300 posts in Emerald Creations topic) You can sell this for any price you want. Provides 50 damage bonus or Grants 1 spell from Earth Chakra Nature assortment.(not Godly level). (you can have only 2 in your inventory at same time)
Emerald Poison (requires 2 Emeralds) All your skills gain 100 poison damage for 3 turns
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Earth Chakra Manipulation
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