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 Fire Element Chakra Nature

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PostSubject: Fire Element Chakra Nature   Fire Element Chakra Nature EmptySat Feb 16, 2008 7:06 pm

Fire Element Chakra Nature:

Basic Level (1000 kin)

Berzerk (200 chakra) Allows you to make 3 moves/ post for 3 turns. 2 out of 3 moves have to be taijitsu.(not swordmanship)
Advanced Grand Fireball Jutsu (200 chakra) 400 Multi-hit damage
Searing Bonds (400 chakra) Damages enemy for 100 Damage per 5 turns. (effect can be canceled with fire jutsu)
Conjure Flames (if you use it you canít use another skill in same turn) (200 life) All Fire Elements Cost 50 less chakra and do 100 more Damage.

Advanced Level (2000 kin)

Summon: Phoenix (500 chakra) (canít be interrupted) 50 extra life damage, 400 life. If phoenix dies it revies next turn (1nce)
Summon: Mini-Dragon (500 chakra) 400 extra life Damage. 100 life.
Summon: Dragon (800 chakra) 400 life Damage per turn/ 800 life.
Flaming Lightning (400 chakra) 400 Damage (unavoidable) you canít move for 1 turn after you use it, but you canít be captured by any prison.
Fire Attunement (sword skill) allows you to have Fire Attunement to your sword.(no attunement lesson required)

Mastery Level (5000 kin)

All Skills From Fire Scroll
Fire Chidori (400 chakra) 600 Damage. (req Chidori)
Fire Rasengan (400 chakra) 600 Damage.(req Rasengan)
Meteor (200 chakra) 400 Damage, Stuns enemy for 1 turn. your chakra count looses extra 50 chakra for 2 more turns because of exhaustion
Explosive Clone (25 chakra) 100 Damage, ESP
Mind Burn (200 chakra) 100 Damage. If you have more chakra then enemy then you deal extra 100 Damage and opponent suffers for 200 Damage for 3 more turns (effect can be stoped with any water jutsu) (once per battle)
Mini Sun Creation (800 chakra) 800 Damage. If enemy is out of chakra, you do extra 1000 Damage.
15 Sealed Strike (600 chakra) for next 5 moves you do 300 extra damage per turn.
Fire Orb Creation (2000 kin, 250 posts in ďorb creationĒ topic) You can sell this for any price you want. Provides Fire Atribute to Sword or Grants 1 spell from Fire Chakra Nature assortment. (only 3 in inventory at same time)
Flaming orbs (requires 3 orbs) All Fire Spells do 50% more Damage.
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Fire Element Chakra Nature
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