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 Chakra Gates

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PostSubject: Chakra Gates   Sat Feb 16, 2008 5:55 pm

Chakra Gate- 3000 Kin

First Gate of Opening (Passive 100 Chakra) gain 200 chakra Next Taijutsu attack doubles in strength

Second Gate of Rest (Passive 100 Chakra) Regain 500 life and gain 300 chakra. Effect once per life.

Third Gate of Life (Passive 100 Chakra) All Taijutsu attacks become uninteruptible. Regain 200 life and chakra.

Fourth Gate of Pain (Passive 200 life) All Taijutsu gain text "unavoidable" for 3 turns.

Fifth Gate of Closing (Passive 200 life) Regain 300 Chakra. Effect once per life

Sixth Gate of Joy (Passive) All Taijutsu does an extra 200 damage. Regain 200 life and gain 500 chakra

Seventh Gate of Shock (300 chakra) Regain 300 life. All Taijutsu becomes completely unavoidable for 2 turns.

Eighth Gate of Death (500 life) All taijutsu double in strength. Regain 500 life and gain 500 chakra. Lasts 2 turn then user dies.

Damages effect

First Gate 25 damage every turn.
Second Gate 50 damage every other turn.
Third Gate 100 damage every other turn.
Fourth Gate 75 damage every turn.
Fifth Gate 150 damage every other turn.
Sixth Gate 100 Damage every turn.
Seventh Gate 200 Damage every turn.
Eighth Gate No damage dies after 2 turns.

2 Gates per turn (effects can stack)

Gate opening cant be interrupted
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Chakra Gates
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