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 Wind Chakra Manipulation.

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PostSubject: Wind Chakra Manipulation.   Wind Chakra Manipulation. EmptySat Feb 16, 2008 7:03 pm

Wind Chakra Manipulation.

Basic Skills (1000 kin)

Wield Kunai (no chakra, 1 item) allows you to do 50 additional damage per turn.
Slicing Wave (400 chakra) 400 Damage mulithit
Gust (0 chakra) interrupts opponent from casting technique
Conjure Wind (200 life) All Wind Skills Become Multihit.
Summon Old Memory (100 chakra) 100 damage for 4 turns. After 4 turns memory stops.

Advanced Skills (2000 kin)

Summon Spirit of Pain (400 chakra) 100 life, reflects Ĺ damage done to party back to attacker.
Summon Spirit of Anger (500 chakra) 100 life. 200 damage per turn Ĺ damage is reduced to party.
Summon Air Demon (600 chakra) 600 life, 50 extra damage per turn.
Wind Slice (200 chakra) 400 chakra, Unavoidable if last skill enemy did on you was taijutsu.
Light Attunement (req: Sword) Provides Light Atunement to your sword.
Channel Chakra (XXX chakra) Adds equal amount of chakra put in to the damage of skill (ex: you do rasengan +200 chakra from Channel chakra, you do 600 damage for cost of 400 chakra) Canít be used with unavoiables.

Mastery Skills (5000 kin)

Scroll had to be taken out to be fair to other Manipulations
Channel Chakra To Weapon (XXX chakra) works same way as Channel Chakra, but damage is added on to weapon.
Sword Breaker (400 chakra) You have to put in at least 200 chakra to CCTW to break sword. Sword will only be broken if last skill you did was Tajutsu. After you use Sword Breaker your own Weapon is also destroyed. (sword is destroyed permanatly, you may want to keep shards just in case though)
Armor Breaker (400 chakra) Works same was as Sword Breaker.
Wind Mastery (200 life) Can only be used after Conjure wind. You loose Multihit part, but gain Uninteruptable text for rest of your skills.
Wind Rush (100 chakra) Next Skill you do does 100 less damage, but you gain 200 hp. (once)
Tornado (600 chakra/ 200 life) 400 damage multihit, Captures ALL enemies on Field For 1 turn. Canít be blocked, After you use tornado you canít use any jutsu that cost more than 75 chakra for three turns. Unavoidable.
Saphire of Everlight (1000 kin, 500 posts in Saphire Creations topic) You can sell this for any price you want. Provides 50 damage bonus or Grants 1 spell from Wind Chakra Nature assortment.(not Godly level). (you can have only 6 in your inventory at same time)
Wind Rotation (requires 6 Saphires) All Damage to you reduced by 200. 1 time per battle you can stop any skill (except for captures, or shields) for no chakra cost at all.
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Wind Chakra Manipulation.
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