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 Life and Chakra systems

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PostSubject: Life and Chakra systems   Sat Feb 16, 2008 8:22 pm

you start with 200life and 100 chakra

genin you gain 100 life and 100 chakra

chuunin you gain 200 life and 150 chakra

special jounin you gain 225 life and 200 chakra

jounin you gain 200 life and 275 chakra

sannin u gain 300 life and 300 chakra

Legendary sanin you gain 400 life and 400 chakra

Kage/ Kousa Leader you gain 750 life and 800 chakra

if you lose your kage/base leader spot you lose 250 life, and 400 chakra. if you become a kage of kousa leader again, you dont gain anything
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Life and Chakra systems
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