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 Guton Scroll (Grass)

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PostSubject: Guton Scroll (Grass)   Sat Feb 16, 2008 5:38 pm

Scroll of Grass (All Grass Element Technique, Guton)

Costs: 250 Kin
Grass Clone (Kuza bunshin no jutsu) 25 Charka (ESP)
Costs: 300 Kin
Grass Element; Grass Thorn (100 Charka) 100 Life damage, Multi-Hit opponent and Clone technique can't avoid
Costs: 500 Kin
Grass Barrier Wall (100 Charka) Block all Technique
Costs: 750 Kin
Grass Element; Grass Dragon Blast (150 Charka) 300 Life damage
Costs: 750 Kin
Grass Element; Grass Bomb (Goubakudan no Jutsu) (300 Charka) Multi-Hit 300 Life Damage, Cant avoid using clone
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Guton Scroll (Grass)
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