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 Earth Scroll

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PostSubject: Earth Scroll   Sat Feb 16, 2008 5:42 pm

Earth Scroll 4500 Kin

Costs: 250 Kin
Earth Wall Land Flip (50 chakra) block all taijutsu and throwing weapons up to 200 life damage

Costs: 250 Kin
Earth Element; Moving Land River (100 chakra) interrupt opponents technique

Costs: 250 Kin
Earth Element; Earth Dragon Missile (50 chakra) 150 life damage unblockable

Costs: 500 Kin
Mud Cannonball (100 chakra) 250 Life damage Multi-Hit Opponent. cant block or interrupt

Costs: 500 Kin
Earth Barrier Raging Wave (150 Charka) Multi-Hit 150 Life Damage, Interrupt Opponent to cast Technique while damage opponent

Costs: 2500 Kin
Earth Barrier Clay Prison (200 Charka)capture all opponents for the rest of the battle, unless they can deal 1000 damage to the Prison in 1 turn, absorbs 100 chakra per turn from the enemies, you gain all that chakra. unavoidable. takes 50 of your chakra per turn until you stop the jutsu of the prison is broken

Costs: 500 Kin
Earth Element; Earth Rising Wall (100 chakra) block all jutsus from last turn. even unblockable
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Earth Scroll
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