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 Chuunin Exams

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PostSubject: Chuunin Exams   Sat Feb 16, 2008 9:08 pm

exams will be held every week, if you are kousa or village it doesnt matter, u still take it 2gether.

they hav 3 parts

written exam

the weeding out


final battles

written exam:

just what it sounds lik, a written exam. i ask 10-25 questions. and u answer them. and no cheating!

the weed out:

battles to test everyone strength, its lik the forest of death, but different. there are 3 scrolls. you need all 3 to move on. heaven, earth, and hell. you are parted up with 1 other person at my chosing

final battle

1 v 1 battles, and you skill and knowledge will show if u can become a chuuin or not. doesnt matter if u win or lose.

over all!!

you can only pass the written exams and still make it depending on ur score, so everything over all is looked at.
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Chuunin Exams
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