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 Burning a village

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PostSubject: Burning a village   Sat Feb 16, 2008 8:41 pm

To burn down a village you must be a Sannin to start the burn, if you are any other rank u can only join once it in progress, the only thing that cant be burned is the main village (village hidden in the forest) and the Kousa Home base. The out posts and any other village are open gain.

How 2 burn:

You must post a topic in the main part of the village/outpost 1 day in advanced.

you must post 300 times in order to destroy a village/outpost

you must then post in updates the the village/outpost has been destroyed.

you must pay 4000kin to rebuild the village/outpost into a new village, or outpost

if you choice to make a new village you must work me (the admin) to make a life of village jutsus that fight it.

Defending from a burn:

you may attack the people burning the village/outpost once the burn has started, and you must kill them.

you may bride the attacker to call off the burn.

othere then that there is no other way.
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Burning a village
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