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 Ninjutsu Attributes

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PostSubject: Ninjutsu Attributes   Sat Feb 16, 2008 6:58 pm

Ninjutsu ~10 Mp

One handed Jutsu's (Passive) Can use throwing weapon while using a Ninjutsu attack.
~20 Mp

Concentration (50 Chakra-Passive) All skills chakra cost are reduced by 25. Chakra cost must at least be 25.
~20 Mp

Extra Jutsu's- Allows you to learn 5 ninjutsu techniques from another village.
~30 Mp

Village Ninjutsu (Passive) All village ninjutsu does an extra 50 life damage.
~30 Mp

Master Ninjutsu (50 Chakra-Passive) All Ninjutsu do 50 more life damage and can't be interupted for 3 turns.
~50 Mp
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Ninjutsu Attributes
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