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 General Ninjutsus

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PostSubject: General Ninjutsus   General Ninjutsus EmptySat Feb 16, 2008 6:24 pm

Chakra Absorption (50 Charka) absorb the 100 opponent's chakra 200 kin

Cost: 750 kin
Needle Jessel(50 chakra)Block all techniques from last turn even unavoidables. deal 200 life damage to the user of each technique. 3 times per battle

Inner Decapitation Skill (100) confuses opponent for 1 post 200 kin

Shadow clones (Kage bunshin no jutsu) 200 Charka, 200 Life damage, Multi Hit Opponent by Match Punch 500 Kin

Water Gun Bullet (200 Chakra) 150 Life damge, Multiple hit. Interrupts opponents attack 500 kin
*require toad frog to be summoned*

Raining Needles (50 Chakra) 150 Life Damage. Uninterruptable. 500 kin

Hidden Snake Hands (200 Chakra) 100 Life Damage, confuses all oppenents for 1 post. 750 kin

Raikiri (300 Chakra) 500 Life Damage. Unavoidable if user have Sharingan. 2000 kin

Hell Swamp (200 Chakra) 150 Life Damage, cancels opponents summon 1000 kin

Fire Sealing Method (100 Chakra) Completely block and negate the effects of any Fire Element (Katon) skill.
***Can't Interrupt***
Costs: 2000 kin

1000 kin
Rashoumon (Rashoumon) (250 chakra) blocks any type of attacks. Even unavoidable ones. CANT BLOCK MANGEKYOU SHARINAGAN

2000 kin
Sanju Rashoumon(550 chakra) Blocks Multiopponent's Jutsu, even unavoidable ones.

Evil Supresser (200 Chakra) Stops Seal effect. Once used, the seal cannot be activated for 3 turns.If activated when used after 3 turns it goes back into curse seal form. Unavoidable.
Cost 2000 kin

Does not require a seal to be active
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General Ninjutsus
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