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 The Kousa (The Rouge Power)

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PostSubject: The Kousa (The Rouge Power)   Sat Feb 16, 2008 6:14 pm

You get these for joining the kousa

Basic Skill (Require Ninja item) (No Charka)
Kunai Knifes 50 life damage
Shuriken 50 life damage
Needle 50 life damage
Throw Exploding tag 100 life damage
Smoke bombs-dodge move

Match Punch (50 Charka) 100 life damage
Match Kick (50 Charka) 100 life damage
Shadow Palm (50 chakra) 100 chakra damage
Shadow Stomp (50 chakra) 100 chakra damage

Dark Clone, kuro bunshin no jutsu (25 Charka) (ESP)
Yuumei (100 chakra) 100 chakra damage hold opponent for one post
Shadow Serpent Bind (200 Charka) Multi-Hit Opppoents 200 Life damage

Shadow Strike (50 Charka) 100 Life damage
Shield of Sithis (50 Charka) Block any ninjutsu
Dark Raising (100 Charka) Multi-Hit Opponent 100 Life damage
Shadow Rain (75 Charka) Poison 50 chakra damage for 3 turns.
Summon Sithis (100 Charka) 200 Life, 50 chakra a turn until killed
Dark Repleacment (100 Charka) Avoid any Techinque
Dark Fire Dragon (150 chakra) multi hit 100 life and chakra damage
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The Kousa (The Rouge Power)
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