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 Village Hidden in the Forest

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PostSubject: Village Hidden in the Forest   Sat Feb 16, 2008 6:09 pm

You gain these skills when u join the village

Basic Skill (Require Ninja item) (No Charka)
Kunai Knifes 50 life damage
Shuriken 50 life damage
Needle 50 life damage
Throw Exploding tag 100 life damage
Smoke bombs-dodge move

Substitution (25 chakra) Avoid a skill (esp)
Hidden Mist Skill (50 Charka) Thick fog, confuse all enemy one post
Water Element; Explosion Skill (50 Charka) 100 Life damage
Water Element; Water Barrier Wall (100 Charka) Block all Technique
Fire Element; Fire Dragon Missile (100 Charka) Multi-Hit 100 life damage
Fire Element; Grand Fireball (100 Charka) 200 life damage
Electric Element; Lightning Strike (50 chakra) 100 Life damage
Shield of Lightning (50 Charka) Def from all Taijutsu & Firing Weapon

Clone(25 chakra) Avoid a skill (esp)

Iron Fist Style (25 Charka) 50 life damage
Leaf Spinning Wind (25 Charka) 50 life damage
Match Punch (50 Charka) 100 life damage
Match Kick (50 Charka) 100 life damage
Lotus (75 Charka) 150 life damage
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Village Hidden in the Forest
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