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 Medical Ninja

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PostSubject: Medical Ninja   Medical Ninja EmptySat Feb 16, 2008 5:57 pm

Medical ninja Cost: 4000 Kin

Chiyute no Jutsu (75 charka) restores a 100 life to your self/ally/summon

Satsugaite no Jutsu (100 charka) 200 life damage

Chakra Enjintou (150 charka) 300 life damage, opponent stop one post

Chuusuusei Biribiri (200 charka) opponent stop one post, can't avoid or be blocked can only be used once per battle (uninteruptable)

Saisei no Saibou (200 chakra) avoid any attack restore 100 life (uninteruptable)

Genesis of Rebirth (Ninpo Sozo Saise) (300 Chakra) Restores 500 Health, can only be used once per battle (uninteruptable)

Tensei Nin-Jutsu (Give Own Life Energy) (800 Chakra) Give Own life to revive anyone… in doing so you do not loose your Ryo so you may pay to be rivied with that. (uninteruptable)
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Medical Ninja
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