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 Sai Special

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PostSubject: Sai Special   Sat Feb 16, 2008 5:50 pm

Ninja Arts, Great-Beast False Image Costs: 3000 kin

Ninpou Choujuu Giga Snake (100 Chakra) Multi-Hold 150 Life Damage; Canít be Interrupted
Ninpou Choujuu Giga Great Cats (150 Chakra) Multi-hit 200 Life Damage; Canít be Interrupted
Ninpou Choujuu Giga Rats (50 Chakra) Makes your next move have the text ďClone Technique Canít Avoid.Ē Can't Interrupt.
Ninpou Choujuu Giga Falcon (200 Chakra) Avoids all Techniques Even Unavoidables. Twice per battle.
Ninpou Choujuu Giga Animal Rage (300 Chakra) Multi-hit 400 Life Damage; Canít be Interrupted. Once per battle.
Paint Brush(Passive) All Ninpou Choujuu techniques do an extra 50 life damage
Inked dragon (250 chakra) 300 life damage. Once per battle. Unavoidable.
Inked oil (125 chakra) Next katon (fire technique) you use gains extra 100 life damage.
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Sai Special
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