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 Kakuzu Special

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PostSubject: Kakuzu Special   Sat Feb 16, 2008 5:47 pm

Kakuzu specialty Costs: 4000 Kin + Sannin Rank

Forbidden jutsu: Heart Stealing Technique (200 chakra) Once you have killed an opponent. You choose three attacks to copy from one of the chakra elements that a person had, your stolen heart is now that element that you copied from. The heart summon is the only one that can use the stolen attacks. You can have up to 5 hearts at a time. Can't Interrupt.

*Summon heart (150 Life and 200 Chakra) Summons a 'heart'. Once Summoned it can only be put back in using stitching. The Heart has 1/2 of the chakra and health of the shinobi they where in before. Can't Interrupt. Only 2 hearts out at a time.

*Stitching (50 chakra) Heal 100 life to self or opponent. Can also be used to seal heart back inside self. 3 times per battle. Can't Interupt.

*Shadow Web Bind (200 chakra) Holds opponent 1 turn. Unavoidable. If opponent has less that 200 life and does not avoid/block/interupt this attack opponent dies and Heart Stealing Technique is used for 0 chakra.

*Heart Sacrifice (200 chakra & 1 Heart) Stops one attack even unavoidable.

**Wind Heart: Atsugai (250 Chakra) 400 Life Damage. Unavoidable. Once per battle.

**Water Heart: Wall of Water (200 Chakra) Blocks a technique from last turn, even unavoidable. Twice per battle.

**Fire Heart: Zukokku (125 Chakra) 250 Life Damage. Can't be blocked or interupted.

**Lightning Heart: Gian (200 Chakra) 175 Life Damage. Holds opponent for one post. Can't avoid/interrupt. Only Jounins+ are able to use this move.

All *Element* Heart Techniques require a heart that has that manipulation

You can't own a manipulation if you get this (if you do have one you get a refund)
~500 for Beginner
~1500 for Advanced
~2500 for Mastery

If you get killed with one of your hearts in you then you don't die but your heart does and your opponent gets rewarded.

Can't have Tailed Demon with this specialty.

*Requires atleast 1 heart
**Requires heart summoned
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Kakuzu Special
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