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 Orochimaru Special

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PostSubject: Orochimaru Special   Sat Feb 16, 2008 5:47 pm

Orochimaru Specialty: 6000 Kin and snake summoning

Twin Snake Summon (300 chakra) Summons 2 snakes with 400 life. 100 extra damage to opponent each turn.

Advanced Snake Arm Strike (200 chakra) 300 damage and opponent is held for 2 turns. Does 200 extra damage if any snakes are already summoned.

Snake Arm Grapple (200 chakra) Avoid any move including unavoidables. Twice Per Battle.

White Snake Form (300 chakra) Lets you use all Poison Snake Gas or Body Transfer Jutsu. You must have 800 life or less to use.

Poison Snake Gas (200 chakra) 300 life damage. Holds opponent 1 post. Completly Unavoidable if opponent did damage to you last post. Once per battle.

Body Transfer Jutsu (300 chakra) Can only be used after poison snake gas and if opponent has 300 life or less. Kills opponent and you Permenenatly gain 50 life, chakra, or 1 move from opponent. Can only use once per week.

Curse Seal Destruction (300 chakra) If opponent has curse seal, they take 500 completly unavoidable damage. Their curse seal is then activated, but they get only half the chakra bonus from curse seal. Uninteruptable.
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Orochimaru Special
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