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 Toad Pact (Jiraya)

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PostSubject: Toad Pact (Jiraya)   Sat Feb 16, 2008 5:46 pm

Toad Pact: 5000 Kin (requires toad summoning) as used by jiraya

Toad Prison (300 chakra) Hold opponent 1 turn and all toads moves become Completly unavoidable next turn. Requires a toad summoned.

Toad Metamorphisis Technique (300 chakra) Transforms opponent into toad. Opponenent can only use ninjutsu for 3 turns. Unblockable.

Hermit Mode (400 chakra) Summons Ma and Pa toads. Each summon has 800 life and are required for all Toad Pact Moves under this. You must pay 100 chakra a turn while this move is in effect. You can not have any other summons in play while this move is in effect.

Soul Trap Genjutsu (300 chakra) Holds opponent 2 posts. Completly Unavoidable. Can only use toad techniques when opponent is held. Effect stops if target takes 400 or more total damage while held. Can also be stopped with 400 self damage. Once Per Battle.

Ultimate Fire blast (300 chakra) 500 damage. uninteruptable and cant avoid. If opponent blocks they take 250 unavoidable damage.

Ultimate Rasengan (500 chakra) Requires Hermit mode. 800 life damage. unavoidable and Completley unblockable. Once Per Battle.
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Toad Pact (Jiraya)
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