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 Weapon Special (Tenten Uses)

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Weapon Special (Tenten Uses) Empty
PostSubject: Weapon Special (Tenten Uses)   Weapon Special (Tenten Uses) EmptySat Feb 16, 2008 5:45 pm

Weapons Master (as used by tenten) 4000 Kin

Summon Weapons (150 chakra) Summons 4 extra throwing weapons/exploding tags/smoke bombs for this battle. Uninteruptable.

Weapons trap (100 chakra) If your opponent uses an avoid technique to avoid the move above this, do 200 unavoidable damage to them.

Kunai Barrage (requires x amount of kunai) X00 damage. (x equals how many kunai are used). Can only be blocked by fan style jutsu.Cant avoid. 5 kunai max.

Perimeter Barrier Trap (300 chakra, 5 exploding tags) 500 damage. If your opponent uses an avoid technique to avoid the move above this, this move becomes unavoidable. unblockable.

Rising Twin Dragons (400 chakra) 700 damage. Completley Unavoidable. Can only be avoided/blocked by Fan style techniques. once per battle. After this you can not use weapons for 3 turns. Takes Whole Turn.
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Weapon Special (Tenten Uses)
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