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 lightning master

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PostSubject: lightning master   Fri Feb 29, 2008 11:14 pm




Lightning Speed (50 chakra) Avoids all skills

Lightning Movement (50 chakra) Adds 100 damage to all your taijitsu

Lightning Reflexes (50 chakra) Copies Taijitsu and uses it upon enemy

Lightning Preparations (Req Lightning Speed, Movement, and reflexes) Next Skill Does 200 extra damage, Doubles damage for chidori.

Summon Kappa (200 chakra) 100 life, 300 damage per turn

Summon Raincaller (400 chakra) 100 life, all lightning skills cost Ĺ less chakra

Summon Lightning Demon (800 chakra) 500 life, all taijitsu costs 0 chakra for rest of battle and all do 200 extra damage.

Chidori Rendan (req: Chidori and Lion Rendan) 1000 Damage, 500 self damage. *cant do yet*

Lightning attunement (req: sword) provides lightning attribute to sword

Lightning Cut (200 chakra) Your next attack ignores the damage resistance of any kind of armor.

All Lightning Scroll Skills

Lightning Strike (400 chakra) performs 3 touch combo, does 800 damage.

Thunder Rasengan (600 chakra) 400 damage, confuses enemy for 1 turn.

Thunder clap (200 chakra) if last skill done on you was taijitsu you knock out enemy for 1 turn

Raikiri (600 chakra) 1000 Damage, unblockable

Lightning Eyes (requires sharingan, or buyagukan) (400 chakra) next skill you do becomes unavoidable

Summon Monsoon (only used after thunder storm, 400 chakra) for the next three turns, lighting nature skills cost 250 less chakra.

Lightning charge (200 chakra) Chidori Becomes unavoidable by clone but all damage to you next turn doubles.

Lightning Hammer (400 chakra) 100 damage, Armor Destruction

Lightning Crystal (6000 kin, 200 posts in Crystal Creations topic) You can sell this for any price you want. Provides 400 damage bonus if you used water and lightning moves in same turn. or Grants 1 spell from Earth Chakra Nature assortment.(not Godly level). (you can have only 2 in your inventory at same time)

Command Aura (requires Lightning Crystal) Increases damage of your skills by 50%.

drunken fist:

Blinding Leg Sweep (50 Charka) 100 Life damage, Interrupt Opponent to cast Technique while damage Opponent
Backwards Palm Thrust (50 Charka) 100 Life damage Clone technique can't avoid
Leg Shift Combo (100 Charka) 200 Life damage, avoid all Taijutsu while damage Opponent
Hand Stand Leg Volley (100 Charka) 200 Life damage, Interrupt Opponent to cast Technique while damage opponent
Unpredictable Movement (150 Charka) Avoid any type of attack, even unavoidable attacks, Canít be interrupted

Wings of Steel (100 Chakra) Multi-hit 100 Life Damage, Can't avoid by clone

Shield of Lightning (100 Chakra) Defense from all Taijutsu & Firing Weapons

Thunder Fang (100 Chakra) Multi-hit 200 Life Damage, Can't avoid by Clone

Lightning Armor (100 Chakra) Blocks all Techniques

Lightning Ball (200 Chakra) Multi-hit 200 Life Damage, holds opponent for one post

Thunder Bang (200 Chakra) Multi-hit 150 Life Damage, Can't avoid by Clone, Damage doubles if used right after a Water Element (Suiton) skill

Thunderbolt Strike (100 Chakra) Multi-hit 400 Life Damage, Must be used right after Wings of Steel.

Lightning Dragon Tornado (150 Chakra) Multi-hit 300 Life Damage, Can't avoid/block, can't be interrupted by taijutsu
*three times per battle

Flying Thunder God Technique (400 Chakra) Multi-hit 600 Life Damage, Can't be interrupted or blocked by shield

***Only Once Per Battle***

lighning whip +10(400helth/stun 1 turn) stun only afects once per battle

slash (0 chakra) sword damage 500Kin

quick slash (25 chakra) half sword damage unblockable 500Kin

double slash (50 chakra) double sword damage 500Kin

uber slash (100 chakra) triple sword damage (if blocked by sword the blocking sword breaks) 1000 Kin

dance of crescent moon (150 chakra) 500 life damage unavoidable twice per battle 1500Kin

block (0 chakra) block sword tech. 500Kin

parry (25 chakra) throw opponent off balance while blocking the attack, can only be used a sword attack, stopping that sword from being used next turn and making the opponent only able for 1 attack the next turn. cant be interrupted. 1000Kin

counter swing (0 chakra) block attack and deal sword damage that cant be stopped. 1000Kin

one handed weapons (passive) if you are using a one handed weapon you can either do 3 sword attacks or have 2 with double the damage. 750Kin
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lightning master
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