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 zabuzas guillotine sword ultra

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PostSubject: zabuzas guillotine sword ultra   Thu Feb 28, 2008 7:52 pm

cost: 9000 kin
guillotie sword +0

every taijutsu skill used with this gets +90 life damge

zabuzas sword got from his grave and remade into manny. the hole in the sword has a cristal in it (your chakra manipulation).

every upgrade costs 900 kin

+1(+100 life damge/+10 manipulation)
+2(+110 life damge/+20 manipulation)
+3(+120 life damge/+30 manipulation)
+4(+130 life damge/+40 manipulation)
+5(+140 life damge/+50 manipulation)
+6(+150 life damge/+60 manipulation)
+7(+160 life damge/+70 manipulation)
+8(+170 life damge/+80 manipulation)
+9(+180 life damge/+90 manipulation)
+10(+200 life damge/+110 manipulation) double price
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zabuzas guillotine sword ultra
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