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 Rasengan =D

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PostSubject: Rasengan =D   Rasengan =D EmptySat Feb 16, 2008 5:44 pm

Rasengan(200 chakra)450 life damage 500 Kin

Oodama Rasengan (300 Chakra) 550 Life Damage. Twice per Battle. Unavoidable.
*requires rasengan* 1000 Kin

Double Rasengan (500 Chakra) Multi-Hit 800 Life Damage. twice per battle. Unavoidable. Takes up whole turn. 400 life damage if blocked. 2000 Kin
*requires rasengan*

Kakashi's Rasengan (300 chakra) 500 life damage. unavoidable. 1500 Kin
*requires rasengan*

RasenShuriken (500 chakra) 1000 life damage. Completely Unavoidable. Once per battle.
*requires Rasengan and Oodama Rasengan* 3000 Kin

Element mixed Rasengan
*requires Rasengan and that manipulation to be mastered* 3500 Kin each

Burning Rasengan (300 chakra) 300 life damage and 100 burn damage for the next 3 turns. unavoidable 3 times per battle

Thunder Rasengan (300 chakra) 400 life damage holds opponent for 2 posts. 3 times per battle. unavoidable

Aqua Rasengan (300 chakra) 350 life damage completely unavoidable 3 time per battle

Earthly Rasengan (300 chakra) 300 life damage, once per turn. doesnt couldnt as one of your 2 jutsus per turn if you use 2 taijutsu before it. unavoidable

Wind Style Rasengan (300 chakra) 500 life damage, opponent can only do 1 attack the next 2 turn. unavoidable, the effect can not be stopped. 3 times per battle

all rasengan moves are unblockable with taijutsu or sword/shield and cant be avoid by clones
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Rasengan =D
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