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 Zales Jutsus

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PostSubject: Zales Jutsus   Sun Feb 17, 2008 12:41 pm

Shadow Strike (50 Charka) 100 Life damage
Shield of Sithis (50 Charka) Block any ninjutsu
Dark Raising (100 Charka) Multi-Hit Opponent 100 Life damage
Shadow Rain (75 Charka) Poison 50 chakra damage for 3 turns.
Summon Sithis (100 Charka) 200 Life, 50 chakra a turn until killed
Dark Repleacment (100 Charka) Avoid any Techinque
Dark Fire Dragon (150 chakra) multi hit 100 life and chakra damage

Rasengan(200 chakra)450 life damage
Oodama Rasengan (300 Chakra) 550 Life Damage. Twice per Battle. Unavoidable.
RasenShuriken (500 chakra) 1000 life damage. Completely Unavoidable. Once per battle.

Chidori (300 chakra) 400 life damage

Needle Jessel(50 chakra)Block all techniques from last turn even unavoidables. deal 200 life damage to the user of each technique. 3 times per battle


Dark Clone, kuro bunshin no jutsu (25 Charka) (ESP)
Yuumei (100 chakra) 100 chakra damage hold opponent for one post
Shadow Serpent Bind (200 Charka) Multi-Hit Opppoents 200 Life damage


Match Punch (50 Charka) 100 life damage
Match Kick (50 Charka) 100 life damage
Shadow Palm (50 chakra) 100 chakra damage
Shadow Stomp (50 chakra) 100 chakra damage

Drunken Fist:

Blinding Leg Sweep (50 Charka) 100 Life damage, Interrupt Opponent to cast Technique while damage Opponent
Backwards Palm Thrust (50 Charka) 100 Life damage Clone technique can't avoid
Leg Shift Combo (100 Charka) 200 Life damage, avoid all Taijutsu while damage Opponent
Hand Stand Leg Volley (100 Charka) 200 Life damage, Interrupt Opponent to cast Technique while damage opponent
Unpredictable Movement (150 Charka) Avoid any type of attack, even unavoidable attacks, Canít be interrupted

Basic Skill (Require Ninja item) (No Charka)
Kunai Knifes 50 life damage - 4
Shuriken 50 life damage - 0
Needle 50 life damage - 0
Throw Exploding tag 100 life damage - 4
Smoke bombs-dodge move - 0

Katana+10(100 life damage)

slash (0 chakra) sword damage
double slash (50 chakra) double sword damage
counter swing (0 chakra) block attack and deal sword damage that cant be stopped

Rare Items:

Wind Chakra Manipulation.

Wield Kunai (50 chakra passive) allows wind jutsus to do 50 additional damage this turn.
Slicing Wave (400 chakra) 400 Damage mulithit
Gust (50 chakra) interrupts opponent from casting technique
Conjure Wind (200 life) All Wind Skills Become Multihit.
Summon Old Memory (100 chakra) 100 damage for 4 turns. After 4 turns memory stops.
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Zales Jutsus
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